Most of our customers are given peace of mind with 6 months nationwide warranty, internally or from Warrantywise. You can choose to extend your cover should you wish (up to 3 years). Each warranty comes with following as standard:

  • Mechanical & electrical failure cover.
  • National cover (anywhere in UK).
  • Repair at any VAT registered garage.
  • Unlimited claims within the warranty period.
  • Wear & tear and maintenance due to age & mileage of car is not included.

If you need any further clarification about our warranty, please contact us before purchase of any vehicle.

Return & Refund Policy

We accept return within 7 days of the sale date any advertised used car which specifically states return/refund in our advert based on following conditions:

  • 1. Customer informs us desire to return within 7 days of buying the car.
  • 2. If there is any feature mentioned in the advert but not available in the car.
  • 3. If there is any fault found in the car which can’t be repaired within reasonable period.
  • 4. If the delivery of the car was made in unacceptable conditions.
  • 5. Customer agrees to pay for the return (pickup cost) and inspection cost (RAC/AA).
  • 6. When customer agrees to pay for any additional damage, scratches, dents etc.
  • 7. A refund will be issued only when a replacement car can’t be arranged within reasonable period.
  • 8. Customer agrees to not ask for any compensation for the out of car period (i.e. when return, replacement or refund is being initiated).

Note: If you need any further clarification on the above conditions please contact us before buying any of our used cars.

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